Our Story

We are investors and entrepreneurs who believe that India is the most dynamic and vibrant economy in the world today, and will remain so for the coming century, with each new decade being more exciting than the last. With our roots originally in the United States, in the mid-2000s we turned our focus and efforts to the burgeoning entrepreneurial spirit here in India, and Lighthouse was born.

In 2008, we began advising India 2020, Limited ("Fund I"), an India-focused investment vehicle with a corpus of approximately USD 100 million. In 2014, we began advising a second investment vehicle, India 2020 Fund II, Limited ("Fund II"), and in 2018 we launched our third investment vehicle, Lighthouse India Funds III, Limited ("Fund III”), bringing our total assets under management to approximately USD 500 million. All three funds have raised capital from a diverse set of distinguished, international investors, who seek to provide long-term, patient capital and advice to the next generation of entrepreneurs in "New India". Currently, the funds have invested in 25 such companies, and continue to aggressively seek out similar opportunities where they can invest between USD 10 million to USD 30 million.

Our Thesis

We partner with entrepreneurs who are experiencing exponential growth in the demand of their products or services, driven by the rapid increase in domestic consumer spend—across the socioeconomic spectrum.

We seek out enterprises with offerings that are "relevant" today, and will soon become "more relevant" tomorrow; that is, offerings which will have increasing demand in the years ahead with a sustainable, competitive "moat". The entrepreneurs we partner with, seek to provide their consumers with a product or service that is far beyond what might otherwise be available today—in India, and globally. In short, we uncover tomorrow’s blue-chip companies, today.