February 25, 2020

Keeping back issues at bay with India’s only certified orthopaedic mattress

The Duropedic range of mattress is tested and recommended by renowned orthopaedists at the National Health Academy. (Duroflex)

India’s leading mattress brand Duroflex launches Duropedic, which has been scientifically engineered to offer the ultimate “backup” your back deserves.

We are always hustling; be it work or play. The 8-hour desk jobs, the endless Netflix binging sessions, the sleep patterns that run awry are all weighing down your back, literally. A predicament that was once associated with old age, backaches have now become a part of our daily lives, thanks to limited movement, improper posture and day-to-day stress.

Turning a blind eye to the problem will only aggravate it further. That’s right; the need of the hour is a mattress that provides the right cushioning and support. Medical experts claim that a good mattress is a prerequisite for a healthy back. Whether you’re already plagued with back problems or maybe prone to backaches in the future, a Duropedic mattress will turn out to be your best friend! Launched by India’s leading mattress brand Duroflex, Duropedic is India’s only certified orthopaedic mattress range. It is tested and recommended by renowned orthopaedists at the National Health Academy.

The most advanced support system for your back

While there are several brands that claim to offer orthopaedic mattresses, the Duropedic range of mattresses is the only one that is certified. It has been tested and recommended by the experts at the National Health Academy. The Duroflex Duropedic range of mattresses comes with a certified 5-Zoned Orthopaedic Support System that provides advanced support to our body. These mattresses have been rigorously tested and scientifically engineered to offer the utmost comfort and care for your back.

The Duropedic range offers you seven unique mattresses— Posture Perfect, Empower, Strength, Balance, Back Magic, Back Magic Pro and Align. Each of these mattresses has been developed in the brand’s sleep lab under the guidance of reputed orthopaedists from the National Health Academy.

5-Zoned Support System for good back health

Our bodies are divided into five zones, and each of them requires a special kind of support that is dependent on the weights exerted. This means each of the zones must receive differentiated support for good back health, which is lacking in most mattresses today.

Since our backs go through constant stress, they need requisite support to function, and this is only possible when one sleeps on a mattress that helps in posture correction to restore spinal alignment and strengthen the back.

What’s more, the Duroflex Duropedic range starts at just ₹8K—now, that is not too big a price for good health! In addition, every mattress that’s part of this range comes with a warranty of 7-10 years.

Visit www.duroflexworld.com to explore the range further. You can try out the mattresses first-hand by visiting the nearest Duroflex Retail Outlet. You can also call/WhatsApp Duroflex at 9513000868 with your queries.

The brand story

Duroflex Mattresses started out as a small unit in Kerala in 1963 and today it is one of India’s leading brands in the mattress space. With the backing of a 55-year-old legacy, the brand has garnered an ISO 9001 certification—the first for any mattress brand! Their focus on stringent quality control, use of the latest technology, and consistent efforts in research and development have helped it to export products to various international markets. A brand that has long been synonymous with quality, innovation, and comfort is also one that designs mattresses specifically based on consumer needs.

(As published in https://www.livemint.com/ February 25, 2020)

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