September 19, 2019

Review: Fab Cafe Takes You On A Healthy Culinary Journey With Its Organic Offerings

Eating out has always been associated with unhealthy foods. Of course, when taste matters, health takes a backseat. Therefore, the current crop of health fanatics refrains from giving in to their temptations, and avoid going to restaurant and eateries to eat.

They prefer homemade meals for they can make them their way with healthy ingredients, something you don’t expect restaurants would do for you. Well, you may be mistaken. Breaking all the notions of restaurants serving unhealthy foods, Fab Cafe brings together taste and health in a taut harmony, much to the delight of healthy eaters. The never-ending friction between a bon vivant and a salubrious nut in us can finally be made to rest.

Today’s modern times are all about appreciating ancient wisdom. Especially, when it comes to food, out diet is being dialled back to old times when ‘organic’ was the norm. People, who are focused on wellness, are gradually shifting to pure and organic foods. To enjoy the various gifts, nature has provided to mankind, you don’t’ necessarily have to slog in kitchen. Fab Cafe is one place that claims to heed to all your health-driven wishes and brings traditional wellness to your table.

Refined oil is replaced with clarified butter (ghee) and mustard oil. Brown rice or red rice takes place of white rice. Healthy grains like bajra, kuttu and ragi is used to cook meals. White refined sugar is lobbed out to make way for jaggery, honey, coconut sugar and brown sugar. That’s Fab Cafe for you.

(As published in 19 Sep 2019 )

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