February 6, 2020

Setting up your first home? This collection has everything you need

If you’re a new homeowner, there’s a good chance you’re feeling bogged down by all the decisions you need to make about the decor. Everyone wants to come back to a space that truly feels like home, but when there are so many options to sift through, making a choice, any choice, can seem like quite the struggle. Should you mix and match your furniture, or go for the zen all-white vibe? Do you want your living room to be a warm, approachable space, complete with a big, comfortable couch, or would you prefer to play the trendy hostess with slender bar stools?

One of the easiest ways to clear the confusion is to ensure that your home decor reflects your own personality. We suggest keeping the bigger items in your decor—like your bed, sofa and dining table—neutral, and bringing in some personalisation through your smaller purchases. Fabindia’s newly launched Kashi collection is a good option for those steering in a similar direction. The diverse range features neutral upholstery that sits atop dark sheesham wood––known for its rich texture, toughness and durability––and includes everything from armchairs, dining chairs couches, desks and beds to cabinets and sofas—all elevated by intricate brass inlays and jaal.

Prefer to mix things up with a pop of colour? Fabindia’s existing linen collection might provide the perfect pairing. Add a dash of blue with their printed cotton bedcovers, or a hint of red with their silk embroidered cushion covers. However, furniture and home linen aren’t the only fortes of the environmentally conscious brand; you can also stock your fridge with their range of healthy snacks, or give your beauty routine a makeover with their organic product line.

Scroll ahead for a closer look at Fabindia’s new Kashi collection.

(As published in https://www.vogue.in February 06, 2020)

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