December 4, 2019

Wow! Momo is ready to take on global QSR biggies like KFC and Domino's with the humble street food.

Indians love to bond over food — especially during those post-work gathering to satiate street-food cravings along with a cup of hot tea. Majority of these road-side snacks are pocket-friendly with a menu price of as low as INR20 a plate.

The unorganised street-food market in India is so vast and diverse that every city has its own specialty food-street or khaugallis, serving the staples such as samosas, dosas and vada pavs with their own twist to the savouries. However, despite being a food-loving nation, the street food and the QSR (quick-service restaurants) or the limited-service restaurants business continue to be a low-margin, high-cost and operationally heavy business in India.

(As published in 4 Dec 2019 )

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